Working in a continuously changing legislative environment and taking into account the principles of transparency, responsibility and neutrality, Aenorasis ensures that Regulatory Compliance is central to the daily running of the Company.

Aenorasis has created and satisfactorily implemented a Compliance Training Programme, during which employees learn the procedures and policies which represent and define in detail the way in which the Company fulfils its compliance obligations. These arise from the legislative framework, the applicable Code of Practice and the procedures and practices adopted by its suppliers.
The implementation of the procedures includes regular monitoring and checks in order to ensure that they remain in line with updated regulatory requirements and that they fulfil the functioning needs of the company.

In addition, it requires the continuous training and certification of employees in order to ensure that procedures are followed within the framework of daily practice.
Aenorasis always seeks new challenges and expansion and development opportunities. Adopting an Ethical Code of Conduct and focusing on the elimination of unethical and unacceptable behaviour, it confronts any anticipated risk in a sensible manner and maintains the edge it has gained in the pharmaceutical market.

Transparency in business is an important attribute for us and an essential criterion for long-term success. Aenorasis’ compliance division has a crucial role in achieving this objective by specifying the legal and ethical obligations for conducting transparent business in the biosimilar market.

Aenorasis’ compliance division

  • Ensures compliance with legislative requirements
  • Develops, initiates, maintains and revises policies and procedures for the general operation of Aenorasis’ Compliance System and its related activities to prevent illegal, unethical or improper conduct
  • Ensures internal training, re-certification and audits in Compliance for all of Aenorasis’ relevant stakeholders (in cooperation with business partners)
  • Reviews the work of staff when necessary to identify compliance issues and provide advice and training
  • Assesses the business’s future actions to identify possible compliance risks